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Located in the heart of downtown Portland. Whether you are looking for a full body workout like TRX, yoga, or Bikram, in our studio you will find a personal training and specialized fitness center. We offer a variety of programs such as Triathlons, FIT-X, and more. We are a small boutique fitness studio located in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Come join us at Heart & Soul for a better, healthier you! Located in a beautiful downtown area, our studio is a beautiful, modern space. We pride ourselves on providing a professional, friendly environment with a variety of classes for all fitness levels. We offer two different classes a month. We offer classes in a variety of styles. We offer group classes as well. We provide free personal training at our studio. We have access to the facilities and you can come in to our studio or take one of our classes at no charge. Please feel free to call us anytime to see what classes we can offer you. Our studio has a large patio area and beautiful, clean, fresh air.

Our training facility is made up of smaller workout spaces that are connected with one another so that you never miss a class. Come see us and let us help you reach your fitness goals! The Ebon Loft is a fitness center for everyone. We offer training, fitness classes, wellness and well being at its best! Body Revolution offers a variety of elite, personal training, and group fitness classes for men, women, and youth. We also offer group workouts for private and semi-private endeavors. Body Revolution is a training facility for everyone.

Our members benefit from the personalized attention and support of our team of personal trainers, and fitness experts. The Heart & Soul studio is located in downtown Portland, Oregon, and our members can reach us at (503) 626-3131. With a team of dedicated professionals, The Heart & Soul offers a welcoming environment and professional support to all of our members. We offer a friendly environment, personal attention, and a personal touch that makes you feel at home and that makes you a part of our community.

Our studio is conveniently located at 3200 NE 2nd Avenue, between NE 2nd Avenue and NE 29th Avenue. We are close to the Portland Airport, and within a walking distance of Portland's business district, Northwest Tower, the Portland Museum of Science, the Oregon Zoo, and the Pearl District. Our studio consists of a mix of yoga, fitness, and weights. Come check us out!

Our studio has a unique and unique workout! Each of our classes is unique, and each one is designed to challenge your mind, body, and core! We look forward to seeing you soon! We are a boutique fitness studio that offers a variety of group fitness classes, private sessions, boot camps and personal training. Our studio is located in downtown Portland, Oregon. We have a community atmosphere and offer group classes such as TRX, Yoga, Bikram, Pilates, and more. Our classes are fun, energetic, and we offer a variety of equipment to suit your needs. Our studio has a unique and unique workout!

We also offer boot camps where you can get fit in a fun, affordable way. Come join us today! The gym is open for business Monday through Friday 8:30-5:30 and Saturday 8-5. The space is very clean, with plenty of space for exercise. The floor is covered and the mats are all new and clean. The lights are dim and the music is great, we are the gym of the people. We also offer group classes, where you can do TRX, Yoga, BIKR, and more. We have a lot of room and a lot of space for your workout. Come and join us!

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